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What are Connected Technologies?

Connected technologies, or Internet of Things (IoT), refer to networks of devices that communicate with each other and their servers. These devices provide utilitarian services to people, from public Wi-Fi connections to autonomous SWARM. In the foreseeable future, connected technologies will be ubiquitous, and people will rely on connected technologies to perform daily tasks, just like what smartphones have become in the past 15 years. By building your infrastructure with Velturis, you have made your first step toward an integrated connected technologies system. The Velturis platform will allow you to incorporate more equipment seamlessly. Choose from our award-winning IoT solution system, Xanthon™, to connect it today.


Customize the best Xanthon solution for you and your infrastructure based on your unique needs and requirements.


The modular nature of the Xanthon IoT system gives the clients the freedom to add or remove devices easily.


The Xanthon IoT system seamlessly integrates with Velturis' infrastructure products both functionally and aesthetically.


With Xanthon's intuitive user application, any authorized user can control any of the devices from anywhere in the world.

Xanthon IoT Solutions

Xanthon IoT Solutions blend in perfectly with your infrastructure and are completely customizable to fit your needs and budget.

Dual-Zone™ Luminaire

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The Dual-Zone luminaire is a controllable uniquely-designed high-performance LED roadway luminaire that provides extra safety and energy-saving benefits compared to other roadway lights.

Feature Highlights

  • Dual-Zone lighting that illuminates both the road and the sidewalk
  • Dual-Zone control that customize the light level in both the road zone and sidewalk zone
  • Better Color Rending Idex (CRI) designed to enhance camera visibility and footage clarity
  • 80% more energy efficient than sodium lights
  • 27% more energy efficient than average LED roadway lights
  • Utility savings up to $160 per year per light
  • 4 times the life span with LED
  • Pair with LTPUC™ Lighting Control for more benefits

LTPUC™ Lighting Control

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Real-time lighting control that gives you maximum flexibility over your roadway luminaire to enhance safety and save on labor.

Feature Highlights

  • Energy conservation and light pollution mitigation through Smart light level sensing and control
  • Automatic turn on and off based on ambient light level and schedule, no operator needed
  • Separate configuration controls for different zones
  • Scheduled light level control for events
  • Pair with Dual-Zone Luminaire for more control modes

Chroma™ LED Stripes

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With numerous colors, patterns, and animation choices, the Xanthon Chroma LED strips can satisfy all your needs for decor and branding. Different tiers of Chroma Strips offer various levels of control to help build the most suitable plan for you. All Chroma products are integrated with the Xanthon IoT platform and can be upgraded to higher levels of control retrospectively. Start your connected technologies program by turning on the color with Chroma.

Chroma Control Levels:

  • Chroma Basic: fixed color and pattern LED strips
  • Chroma Essential: 3 pre-configured patterns changed by a wireless remote-control device
  • Chroma Unlimited: Full feature control that unlocks all color, pattern, and animation, as well as more advanced scheduling features

Chroma Strip Hardware Configurations:

  • Chroma Flex: Chroma strip conform to curves, perfect for Velturis Edge Infrastructure products
  • Chroma Inspire: a collection of Chroma strips with quick-deploy connectors and mounting systems that facilitates professional lighting design.
  • Chroma Home: a set of Chroma strip configuration that makes your personal space shine

Utility Metering

The same Xanthon platform that enables advanced connected technologies also solves utilitarian issues such as utility metering. With the established network communication, Xanthon's utility metering solution allows two-way communication between the meter and the provider with a fraction of the cost of a separate utility metering system. Paired with Velturis Edge Infrastructure, the smart utility meters are discreet, protected, and easily accessible by authorized persons. Xanthon has worked with utility providers in the US to bring you integrated and reliable metering solutions.

Connectivity Solutions

The Xanthon platform is capable of so much more than controlling and communicating with Xanthon IoT devices. We can set up public and private Wi-Fi networks, provide connectivity to other IoT systems, and create more connectivity solutions.

Xanthon™ Software Application

The Xanthon software platform is an all-in-one user application that allows you to control all your devices from anywhere on any device.

Xanthon Integration Use Case

5G Concealment Made Smart

In this use case, we are looking at a customized Velturis 5G concealment unit with an integrated Xanthon Connected Technologies Solution.

The Xanthon devices seamlessly blend in with the Velturis infrastructure, making it functional and beautiful both during the day and night. Velturis establishes the perfect deployment site for connected technologies by providing both the mounting point and utility hook-up.

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Xanthon Solutions Used

  • LTPUC Lighting Control
  • Dual-Zone Roadway Luminaire
  • Chroma Flex LED Strips
  • Connected Power Usage Metering

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