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How We Began

Our team has been designing and manufacturing structures for power, water, transportation, and petrochemical infrastructure for over 40 years. Our projects span across North America providing critical services every day. We know how to build strong and resilient structures that stand the test of time.

In 2019, Velturis pivoted toward the manufacturing of telecommunication, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart City applications, and peripherals to take advantage of the move toward a "data-centric" infrastructure trend. Now we have 21 patents on our innovations and are working on building out our platform for all major U.S. telecommunication carriers.

Our Capabilities

Velturis' ability to innovate gives us The Edge™.

Endless Customization

We offer customization options that will fit every client's functional and aesthetic requirements while establishing the ideal deployment solutions for telecommunication and utility equipment.

Composite Capability

Our composite design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to present stronger, lighter, easier to install, and minimal maintenance solutions to our customers with more options to customize.

Vertical Integration

Multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing let Velturis control the full production process of each of our products. Clients experience shorter lead times and receive better value.

IoT Compatibility

Velturis is compatible with the award-winning modular Internet of Things (IoT) system, Xanthon™, that enables bi-directional communication and real-time control.

Services We Provide

Design Assistance

We understand that infrastructure is a big investment and sometimes a bigger eyesore for your establishment. Therefore, Velturis prioritizes customization while offering state-of-the-art products. The endless customization options allow our clients to realize exactly what they envision, but the choices can also be overwhelming. Our design assistance service is to showcase Velturis' customization options and turn our clients' visions into deployment-ready products. Subjects may include but are not limited to:

  • Functionality and specification
  • Architectural detail
  • Style and shape
  • Color and texture

Smart City System Consultation

Beyond edge infrastructure, Velturis is also a holistic solution for all your current and future connected technologies needs. Our award-winning Internet of Things (IoT) system, Xanthon™, seamlessly integrates with Velturis’ edge infrastructure solutions, offering the opportunity to grow your Smart City based on your needs while maintaining the aesthetics. The patented modular IoT system currently offers lighting, branding, and metering solutions. Explore the Xanthon IoT solutions and contact us for a consultation.

Explore IoT Solutions

Full or Assisted Deployment

Infrastructure deployment has never made simpler, safer, and faster. With Velturis' Quick-Deploy foundation and modular design, our full or assisted deployment services have got you covered, no matter where you are.

Find Out More

Contact Our Team of Representatives For More Information.